Tight poplar tree removal

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Crown Reduction

Tree crown reduction

Crown reductions are used to reduce the height and spread of a tree by removing the ends of branches whilst maintaining the natural shape  of the tree as far as practicable. 

Crown Lift

Blue spruce crown lift

The purpose of a crown lift is to remove the lower branches to lift the canopy  to let more light in and improve a view or allow better access for traffic.


Tree deadwooding

Branches naturally die naturally within the tree canopy and these can be dangerous.

In gardens or public areas they should be removed for public safety.


Tree pollard

Pollarding is a  method  used to  create  a  more  manageable sized tree  for its location.  It is a  harsh  cut  at  first but  the tree  will soon  recover  with  a  more  uniform,  dense  canopy. 

Tree Felling

tree removal

Sectional rigging  is used to  safely  remove  a  tree  in  a  gradual  and  controlled  manner  in  order  to  protect the  surrounding area ,  including  buildings,  greenhouses,  fences,  and  plants.  

24hr emergency call out

Emergency tree work

We are  available  24 hours a day, 7 days a week or to help with any emergency works.

For  emergency works contact us on:

01473  871487

07545 267661